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Life can be filled with challenges, and some greater than others. These challenges are not what defines us, but how we overcome them. So far above them, we rise for the love of life, the love of living and the love of all the magical things in this world we see, touch and feel every single day. And we keep going for all the things we wish too.

This is the story of Katie and Beth Cooper Wares. Mother and daughter, best friends, kindred souls and warriors of love and light who were put together in this life to ignite each other’s light, and touch the lives of many.

We hope we inspire you and help you rise above any challenges you are facing, and importantly, please help Katie and Beth continue to spread their infinite love and inspiration all over the world…

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Every bit of support helps but none more than the support of organisations wanting to do good and helps us get to where we need to go. If you want to get involved, let us know.


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Beth’s Travel Journal

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